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Dr Donciu Maxim

Dr Donciu Maxim

Implantologist - Dental Surgeon

Dr Donciu Maxim is qualified to perform all type of Implantations, Maxillofacial operations of any complexity, Bone reconstructive surgery and Periodontal Surgeries. 

Dr Donciu Maxim is a sociable and extremely optimistic person. He will always try to convey a sense of reliability and consciousness with his patients, by dealing and solving the most complex problems in his patient’s teeth. 

Specializes in Bone grafting, Sinus lifting, major dental reconstructive procedures, Patchwork surgeries, Implantation and removal of the impacted tooth. 

At Smiles Plus clinic, you are assured of using the latest technology equipment together with the skills of doctors by using the latest dental implant techniques.

He constantly strives for growth on a professional level by regularly taking courses to grow his professional development skills. He also attends on a regular basis international events and conferences. 


Implanology - Dental Surgeon
Moldova, Italy, Romania and Turkey.
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Dr Galit Tatiana

Therapeutist - Pediatrician

Natalia Foca

Medical Assistant

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